Career Launcher Success Stories

    Interviews with past and present Micro-Interns
    The experience I gained through Micro-Internships was a way of distinguishing myself. When I'd tell a recruiter what I had done, that I'd completed real projects for real companies that really needed help, their eyes just lit up.

    Noel Arellano

    Dell Scholar

    Texas A&M University

    Micro-Internships are a perfect transition into either a new role or just to explore and see what you are capable of and that the skills you have are transferable to different types of projects.

    Adila Gathers

    Winning Edge Game Changer

    Niagara University

    Parker Dewey provided an opportunity to explore career areas of interest that I hadn’t yet had the chance to pursue.

    Maja McCabe

    Connecticut College

    Class of 2020

    Working on Micro-Internships meant there were less barriers: I could jump right into a project and I got to know what their expectations were sooner instead of being filtered out by my GPA.

    Legend Fears

    Johns Hopkins

    Class of 2021