Micro-Intern Performance Expectations and Policies

    Poor Performance Policy

    This policy encompasses instances when Parker Dewey is informed - either via the platform feedback form, or directly by a client - that a Micro-Intern has not performed satisfactorily. Please note that Parker Dewey works closely with clients to ensure Micro-Internships are scoped to require the skills of a college student or recent graduate, with performance expectations appropriate for that level. 

    Because Micro-Internships are often learning experiences, that student or recent graduate will be offered support and permitted to continue to use the Parker Dewey platform after the first such instance. However, repeated poor performance can reflect negatively on other students and recent graduates. As such, if a Micro-Intern is found to have performed significantly below expectations a second time, that student or recent graduate’s Parker Dewey account will be deactivated. An account may be reactivated upon request based upon the specific situation. Parker Dewey retains the right to enforce this policy on a case-by-case basis if unique circumstances exist.

    Violations of Parker Dewey’s Terms of Service will result in immediate account deactivation, even for a first offense.


    Ghosting Policy

    If a Micro-Intern “ghosts” (does not respond to) a Parker Dewey client more than once, the selected Micro-Intern will be removed from the Parker Dewey platform. 

    To be clear, this policy is intended for situations in which a Micro-Intern does not respond to Parker Dewey or the client without notice. If a Micro-Intern is selected for a project and is unable to begin or complete it, Parker Dewey can help navigate the situation; however, this needs to be communicated to Parker Dewey immediately. Parker Dewey retains the right to enforce this policy on a case-by-case basis if unique circumstances exist.


    Artificial Intelligence Policy 

    Unless expressly permitted or requested by the client, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) of any kind is not to be used by Micro-Interns. Artificial Intelligence (AI) should also not be used to answer application questions. 

    Please note that these policies do not include all Micro-Internship expectations or policies. For additional expectations and policies, please review our Contractor Terms of Service.