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    Next Office Hour: Improving the Pipeline from Education to Work
    Improving the Pipeline from Education to Work
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    Hiring for Core Skills and Growth Potential
    Stetson University Webinar_Featured Image
    Stetson University's Micro-Internship Program
    Webinar graphic for FAMU employer webinar on February 15, 2023
    FAMU Employer Webinar
    UMKC_Upcoming Webinar
    University of Missouri-Kansas City Employer Webinar
    Webinar graphic for VCU employer webinar on January 17, 2023
    VCU's Micro-Internship Program
    Partner Webinar_ Ringling College of Art+Design
    Ringling College of Art+Design's Micro-Internship Program
    New College Florida_Upcoming Webinar
    New College of Florida (The Honors College) Employer Webinar
    Partner webinar graphic depicting people in business attire on lefthand side and webinar information on righthand side.
    Partner Playbook: Employer Engagement
    A step-by-step guide for Micro-Internship Success
    Career Launcher Tutorial
    FAQ Webinars for students
    Register Now: Tips and Tricks for using Parker Dewey
    Office hours to answer student questions, review profiles, and offer specific feedback on the application responses
    Get feedback on your profile and short-answer responses
    A Linkedin group with tips, tricks, and resources for students
    Career Launchers LinkedIn Group
    A checklist to successfully complete a Micro-Internship
    Resources & Tips to Guide you during your Project
    A checklist for post Micro-Internship success
    Make the most of your Micro-Internship Experience
    How to be confident when applying to Micro-Internships
    How Micro-Internships can help you feel more sure of yourself
    How to ace short-answer applications
    Get Hired: How to ace short-answer applications
    How to craft a resume that stands out
    How to Craft a Killer Resume
    Micro-Intern Success Stories
    How other Career Launchers have used Micro-Internships
    Tips for Career Launchers
    Tips for Career Launchers from Career Launchers
    Professional development opportunities for college students and recent graduates
    Four Professional Development Activities You Can Do Now
    Tips for just hired Micro-Interns
    Succeeding on a Micro-Internship
    Tips for students to maintain and expand their network
    Remember, your Supervisor is part of your Network
    How to position yourself for career success with Micro-Internships
    How Micro-Internships can position you for career success
    Kickoff Meeting Tips and Resources
    Start your Micro-Internship off right
    How to use your network during your Micro-Internship
    You have more connections than you may realize
    How Payments Work
    How Payments Work for Career Launchers
    What Can Recruiters Do About Hard-To-Fill Early Career Positions?
    Webinar Recap: Hard-to-Fill Roles
    Micro-Internship-Myths-Webinar (2)
    Micro-Internship Myths, Part Two: The Career Launcher Perspective
    Micro-Internship-Myths-Webinar (1)-1
    Micro-Internship Myths, Part One: The Hiring Manager Perspective
    The State of Campus Recruiting Summer 2021
    The State of Campus Recruiting: Summer 2021 Replay
    Reinventing University Recruiting Post COVID-19
    How to Reinvent University Recruiting Webinar Replay
    Recruiting Student-Athletes
    The State of Campus Recruiting: Spring 2021 Replay
    Micro-Internship Sponsorship Program Toolkit
    Micro-Internship Sponsorship Program Toolkit
    2022-2023 Campus Recruiting Playbook
    Your Fall 2020 Campus Recruiting Playbook
    Your Guide to Remote Internships
    Creating and Managing a Remote Internship Program
    Understanding The Limitations of Apprenticeships on Recruitment Initiatives
    Unpacking Apprenticeships White Paper
    What Your Company Needs to Know About The Gig Economy: Benefits, Risks, And Everything in Between
    Webinar Replay: What You Need to Know About the Gig Economy
    Freelance Program Checklist
    FAQ for College and University Partners
    College & University Partnership FAQ
    Understanding The Limitations of Apprenticeships on Recruitment Initiatives
    The Impacts of Apprenticeship Programs on DEI
    Your Guide to Remote Internships
    Your Guide to Creating and Managing a Remote Internship Program
    Additional Resources for Companies
    Additional Resources for Companies
    Excited group of people on their graduation day with arms up
    Additional Resources for Universities
    Connecting Career Centers to Corporate Recruiting
    Webinar Replay: The Micro-Internship Solution
    Five Reasons Experiential Recruiting is the Wave of the Future
    Webinar Replay: Experiential Recruiting
    Webinar Replay: Experiential Recruiting
    Parker Dewey: We're fixing college-to-career transitions in a way that helps you right now.
    For Companies: How do I use the Parker Dewey Platform?
    Internships 101 Everything employers need to know about creating or updating an internship program
    Internships 101
    Guide to Entry-Level Hiring
    Guide to Entry Level Hiring
    Beyond Interns, Temps, and Freelancers
    Beyond Interns, Temps, and Freelancers
    How to use Micro-Internships for Entry-Level Hiring
    Using Micro-Internships to Hire
    The Entrepreneur's Guide To Driving Growth and Getting More Done With Less
    Entrepreneur's Guide to Driving Growth and Getting More Done with Less
    Summer Internships
    Employer's Guide to Summer Internships
    Internship Project Evaluation Scorecard
    How to Give Feedback to Interns
    Demonstrating Need for an Intern
    Demonstrating Need for an Intern
    Creating an Internship Handbook
    Creating an Internship Handbook
    Campus Recruiting 101
    Campus Recruiting 101
    Why should we hire you?
    How to answer "why should we hire you?"
    You Asked, They Answered: Reaching Out to Recruiters
    How to Reach Out to a Recruiter You Haven't Met
    What's the deal with GPA requirements?
    GPA requirements for entry-level roles
    How can non-traditional students get hired?
    Job search advice for non-traditional students
    Engage students with Micro-Internships
    Student Engagment Toolkit
    Engage employer partners with Micro-Internships
    Employer Engagement Toolkit
    Engage alumni with Micro-Internships
    Alumni Engagement Toolkit
    The State of Campus Recruiting. Save your seat for the first session of 2023!
    The State of Campus Recruiting
    Demographic Webinars
    Repeated regularly with new topics
    Employer Webinar_ Monthly
    Monthly Employer Webinars