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Resources for employers, Career Launchers, and partners to optimize their Micro-Internship experiences.
Marketing Toolkit
Resources to engage students, employers, alumni and more!
Career Launcher Tutorial: A step-by-step guide for Micro-Internship Success
Career Launcher Tutorial
Career Launcher Resource: FAQ Webinars
Register Now: Tips and Tricks for using Parker Dewey
Career Launcher Resource: Student Office Hours
Get feedback on your profile and short-answer responses
Introducing Micro-Internships-1
Video Overview: Micro-Internships for Students and Recent Grads
Micro-Internship Success Checklist_Featured Image-1
Resources & Tips to Guide you during your Project
Post Micro-Internship Checklist_Featured Image-1
Make the most of your Micro-Internship Experience
Confience and Micro-Internships
How Micro-Internships can help you feel more sure of yourself
How to ace short-answer applications
Get Hired: How to ace short-answer applications
how to-resume
How to Craft a Killer Resume
Micro-Intern Success Stories_Lighter Background
How other Career Launchers have used Micro-Internships
Tips for Career Launchers
Tips for Career Launchers from Career Launchers
Hire Learnings (68)
Four Professional Development Activities You Can Do Now
Tips for just hired Micro-Interns
Succeeding on a Micro-Internship
How to Maintain your Network
Remember, your Supervisor is part of your Network
How Micro-Internships can position you for career success
Micro-Intern Resource: Kickoff Meeting Tips and Resources
Start your Micro-Internship off right
Micro-Intern Resource: Using Your Network during your Micro-Internship
You have more connections than you may realize
How Payments Work
How Payments Work for Career Launchers
Hard-to-Fill-Roles (2)
Webinar Recap: Hard-to-Fill Roles
Micro-Internship-Myths-Webinar (2)
Micro-Internship Myths, Part Two: The Career Launcher Perspective
Micro-Internship-Myths-Webinar (1)-1
Micro-Internship Myths, Part One: The Hiring Manager Perspective
The State of Campus Recruiting Summer 2021
The State of Campus Recruiting: Summer 2021 Replay
Reinventing University Recruiting Post COVID-19
How to Reinvent University Recruiting Webinar Replay
Recruiting Student-Athletes
The State of Campus Recruiting: Spring 2021 Replay
Micro-Internship Sponsorship Program Toolkit
Micro-Internship Sponsorship Program Toolkit
Virtual Recruiting With Micro-Internships
Your Fall 2020 Campus Recruiting Playbook
Resources (1)
Creating and Managing a Remote Internship Program
Unpacking Apprenticeships White Paper
Webinar Replay: What You Need to Know About the Gig Economy
Freelance Program Checklist
FAQ for College and University Partners
College & University Partnership FAQ
The Impacts of Apprenticeship Programs on DEI
Your Guide to Creating and Managing a Remote Internship Program
Additional Resources for Companies
Excited group of people on their graduation day with arms up
Additional Resources for Universities
Webinar Replay: The Micro-Internship Solution
Five Reasons Experiential Recruiting is the Wave of the Future
Resources (7)
Webinar Replay: Experiential Recruiting
Resources (8)
For Companies: How do I use the Parker Dewey Platform?
Resources (9)
Internships 101
Guide to Entry Level Hiring
Beyond Interns, Temps, and Freelancers
Resources (10)
Using Micro-Internships to Hire
Example Projects - Featured Image (1)
Entrepreneur's Guide to Driving Growth and Getting More Done with Less
Employer's Guide to Summer Internships
Example Projects - Featured Image (2)
How to Give Feedback to Interns
Demonstrating Need for an Intern
Creating an Internship Handbook
Example Projects - Featured Image (3)
Campus Recruiting 101
Why should we hire you?
How to answer "why should we hire you?"
How to Reach Out to a Recruiter You Haven't Met
What's the deal with GPA requirements?
GPA requirements for entry-level roles
How can non-traditional students get hired?
Job search advice for non-traditional students
Engage students with Micro-Internships
Student Engagment Toolkit
Engage employer partners with Micro-Internships
Employer Engagement Toolkit
Engage alumni with Micro-Internships
Alumni Engagement Toolkit