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Micro-Internships improve hiring outcomes while helping you or your team get work done. These complement existing internship and campus recruiting programs by providing opportunities to engage prospective candidates year-round, even while they are still earning their degree.
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Micro-Interns provide help on-demand
Get immediate support on tasks that are important, but not the best use of time for you or your team.
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Micro-Interns Improve Hiring Outcomes
Micro-Internships are great auditions, allowing you and Career Launchers to mutually assess fit in a risk-free way. This decreases the chance of making a bad hire, while improving retention.
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Micro-Interns help build your talent pipeline
As Career Launchers complete Micro-Internships, they can experience your company while you see their skills firsthand. As a result, you'll enhance your pipeline of candidates who are familiar with your organization.
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Micro-Interns Improve Diversity
Micro-Internships help you find candidates with grit, determination, and the skills to thrive irrespective of their pedigree (and without being recruited by your competitors).
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  • Early access to great talent
  • Enhances diversity & inclusion
  • Improves hiring effectiveness
  • No administrative headaches or fees
  • Hiring managers view it as an extra resource
  • Get work off their plate
  • Really easy to use, and available as needed
  • College students highly motivated to exceed expectations
  • Unique perspectives and skills-sets
  • Supported by HR and others


Micro-Internships are short term, paid, professional assignments that can be completed by an entry-level new hire with minimal guidance or onboarding. Unlike a traditional internship, these assignments typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and many can be completed remotely.

"This is the 'anti-staffing firm.' I set the price for the assignment, picked who I wanted, and when I decided to hire her, there were no fees."

Greg Watkins, Talent Acquisition Manager, M. Holland

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