Launching a Micro-Internship Program

    Fill your entry-level talent pipeline with a Micro-Internship program.

    Drive outcomes through the campus recruiting process

    A Micro-Internship program funnels high-potential candidates into your talent pipeline, offering on-demand support to hiring managers while providing insights on key skills and competencies. Parker Dewey's Client Team collaborates with you to create an impactful program, allowing you to structure it with as many projects as needed.

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    Year-Round Talent Pipeline

    Use a Micro-Internship program to engage candidates before recruiting season begins, and on demand as needed.

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    Audition Candidates

    Hire multiple students simultaneously to tackle a specific project, observing their skills and work dynamics; afterward, select the top performers for full-time roles or internships.

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    Targeted Engagement

    Expand focus beyond traditional target schools and candidates by offering Micro-Internships to students in certain geographic locations and academic institutions.

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    With a Micro-Internship program, recruiters can:

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    Assess for professionalism

    Core skills like communication, problem-solving, and grit are vital for entry-level roles. Micro-Internships allow you and your team to identify candidates with the skills to thrive and succeed at your organization.

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    Nurture candidates

    Use Micro-Internships to deepen relationships with prospective employees year-round—even if you don’t have the right open role right now.

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    Access talent nationwide

    Traditional recruiting methods filter candidates out, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Micro-Internships make an immediate, scalable difference by providing opportunities for talent from all backgrounds to demonstrate their skills, grit, and potential.

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    Frequently asked questions


    Yes! Whether you’re looking to expand your reach beyond target schools or connect with local talent, we’ll work with you to design your program to achieve your specific goals.


    Micro-Intern assignments are comparable to those typically given to skilled new hires—think conducting market research, assisting in lead generation, and crafting internal and external communication materials. Companies partner with us to provide services across a variety of departments, industries, and organization sizes.

    While some employers choose to run a variety of projects, others will often hire a pool of students to work on the same project. This allows hiring managers to assess candidates against the backdrop of one assignment.

    To see our library of example projects, visit:


    Recruiting programs start at $10,000, depending on your goals. In addition to on-demand support from Micro-Interns, you'll also get internal and external resources to promote the program, reporting, and targeted marketing support for key roles. For more information, visit our pricing page.


    See examples of existing Micro-Internship programs here: 


    While timelines vary, programs are typically ready to launch within one week of the initial strategy conversation.

    I like that there's no commitment. I posted a project to see who would apply, and now I have some amazing college students and recent graduates helping me.

    David Faulk,

    Head of Employee Success,


    Get assistance integrating Micro-Internships into your campus recruiting strategy.