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Campus Recruiting Challenges

Campus recruiting is as competitive as ever. Learn how we help you overcome these top challenges.

By limiting access to college students, companies miss out on high potential talent.

By filtering students based upon university, major, and GPA, companies spend significant time and resources fighting over the same students, while missing out on great talent beyond those pools. 

The best way to predict success is to see talent in action.

By relying on resumes and interviews alone, assessing fit becomes a guessing game and candidate relationships are superficial at best.

Companies focused on increasing diversity often fail to provide equitable and inclusive access to opportunities.

While diversity is a priority for companies, many efforts don’t overcome the internal preferences for recruiting and hiring candidates from traditional backgrounds.

High entry-level turnover and candidate reneges are just one pain point Micro-Internships address.

By relying on internships alone to build relationships and convert candidates, companies can spend significant resources on candidates that aren’t the right fit.

Our Solution

Parker Dewey's Micro-Internships for Hiring program complements existing internship and campus recruiting efforts by providing opportunities to engage prospective candidates year-round, even while they are still earning their degree. 


Connect college students with hiring managers and teams to mutually assess fit in a risk-free way, and get ongoing feedback on college student’s skills before advancing candidates through the hiring funnel.

Every Micro-Internship uncover the career readiness skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Assess Skills That Matter

Soft skills rank at the top of the list for in-demand, entry-level professional roles, but resumes and interviews don’t tell the full story. Micro-Internships allow you and your team to see candidates in action.

Meaningful feedback provided by hiring managers help campus recruiters route candidates effectively.

Gain Meaningful Insights

Micro-Internships enable hiring managers to audition talent and provide recruiting teams with valuable feedback on candidates skills and capabilities in real time (lowering the risk of making the wrong hire).

Stop competing for the same small talent pools and reach high quality candidates beyond target schools.

Discover Untapped Talent

Career Launchers are students and recent graduates from schools across the U.S., including first generation, international, and minority students.

With employer branded landing pages, access to upwards of 11 million students nationwide, and a mutually beneficial model, Micro-Internships are a win-win.

Early Access to Talent

Engage talent before you even step on campus by sharing the projects that make up a day-in-the-life of entry-level professionals.

Additional Features

Parker Dewey supports students through partnerships directly with colleges and universities.
Student Support

Micro-Lessons on common entry-level tasks

Parker Dewey's Client Success team is here to help throughout the process.
Project Scoping

Access to 50+ Micro-Internship templates

Give back to your alma mater by providing students with professional opportunities.
Alumni Engagement

Easily engage with students from your alma mater

Micro-Internships are aligned with NACE Career Readiness Competencies and professional best practices.
Professional Standards

Connect with student members of professional organizations

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