Our online platform makes experiential recruiting easy.

    Micro-Internship programs provide early access to talent, a diverse candidate pool, and a stronger employer brand.
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    With Parker Dewey, you can:

    Get work off your plate
    Get work off your plate

    by posting a Micro-Internship project. Our customizable project templates make it easy to create a posting—it only takes five minutes. 

    Discover untapped candidates

    without any extra effort—they come to you. Career Launchers are students and recent graduates from schools across the U.S., including first generation, international, and minority students.

    Assess skills that matter

    through watching candidates in action as they take on a project. Soft skills rank at the top of the list for entry-level professional roles—but resumes and interviews don’t tell the full story. Micro-Internships allow you to actually evaluate those capabilities that matter most to the role.

    Gain valuable feedback

    from hiring managers on candidates’ capabilities in real time—and determine whether a candidate should be considered for a longer-term opportunity. We’ll also provide you with data you can use to strengthen your campus recruiting program, like: where Micro-Interns attend school, what skills are most in-demand by your hiring managers, and recommendations for candidate next steps to keep them engaged.

    Campus recruiting is tough, whether you’ve got a small team or a dedicated early-career recruiting function. Companies struggle to effectively cast a net that includes candidates from diverse backgrounds, assess individuals beyond a six-second resume scan, and differentiate career opportunities as candidates receive similar messages from employers at every turn. We’re here to help you tackle these challenges—with our easy-to-use platform.

    Access, engage, assess, and hire early-career talent

    Parker Dewey’s full-service Micro-Internship programs help companies achieve their campus recruiting goals for full-time positions, summer internships, and other early-career engagement initiatives.

    All employers have free use of Parker Dewey’s Micro-Internship platform, which provides access to 11M+ college students and recent graduates seeking short-term, paid, flexible, professional experience.

    Micro-Internship programs also provide clients with:

    Parker Dewey Employer Profile
    Employer Profile

    Beyond individual projects, an employer profile provides an opportunity to highlight your organization’s commitment to experiential learning, while unpacking early career roles and the skills that matter most to your team. Your profile will also be featured to our partner network of colleges, universities, and nonprofits.

    Internal Micro-Internship Portal
    Internal Portal

    Free up employee’s time—and yours—with a custom portal featuring pre-scoped projects aligned to business needs and your recruiting goals. Hiring managers, rapidly growing teams, and even employee resource groups appreciate the ability to get on-demand support as you collect feedback on candidate competencies.

    Parker Dewey Micro-Internship Program Impact Report
    Impact Report

    Get actionable insights on the impacts of your Micro-Internships with a report that highlights campus populations reached (without the travel!), candidate demographics, core skills for early-career candidate success, and hiring manager feedback. This comprehensive report is only available for Micro-Internship programs.

    Micro-Internship Targeted Candidate Engagement
    Targeted Engagement

    Get through the noise to access targeted student populations how they want to engage with employers: through real-work, paid, professional opportunities. Whether your goals are tied to specific geographies, identifying candidates for hard-to-fill roles, reaching underclassmen, or ensuring equitable access, we'll support you in reaching candidates year-round.

    Parker Dewey Client Success
    Client Success Team

    Your Parker Dewey Success Team provides you with best practices to power candidate and internal manager outreach to support your experiential recruiting efforts. As industry pioneers, we’ll continuously promote your Micro-Internships and their pathway to further opportunities through webinars, email, and social media to reach our expansive network.

    Parker Dewey Experiential Recruiting Experts and Pioneers
    Experiential Expertise

    Parker Dewey acts as an extension of your organization and a trusted partner in everything you do to engage early-career talent. Since launching in 2016, we’ve developed best practices to easily introduce and integrate Micro-Internships into your existing recruiting processes. No one knows Micro-Internships better than we do!

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