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    When you are launching your career, finding ways to test out different industries or even get your foot in the door can be challenging, especially without having prior experience. That's where Micro-Internships can help. These short-term, paid, professional projects are open to all college students and recent graduates of U.S.-based institutions. From working directly with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you'll have the opportunity to explore different roles and company cultures in a way that fits into your schedule. 

    Every project on Parker Dewey is paid a fair per-project rate, so what you see is what you will earn upon completion. Most importantly, Parker Dewey protects you as you'll never have to negotiate pay, send an invoice, or create a contract—all of these details are managed behind the scenes on our platform.

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    How it Works

    Micro-Internships are available year-round. It’s up to you to take advantage.
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    Signing up takes less than 10 minutes - name, school, hobbies, a few other things, and you're good to go.
    See Micro-Internships
    Check out details on available assignments, including when they’re due and how much you’ll be paid.
    You decide which opportunities seem most interesting - it’s a great way to explore different roles and industries.
    Complete the assignment
    Once you’re selected, work directly with the company. Do your best to exceed their expectations as it could lead to a full-time role.

    Frequently Asked Questions



    Parker Dewey Micro-Internships are open to students and recent graduates who meet the following criteria:

    • 18 or older
    • Currently attending or have recently graduated from a US-based higher education institution or a training program/bootcamp that has established Parker Dewey partnership
    • Authorized to work in the United States or have a valid ITIN number

    There is no official cutoff, but Parker Dewey is designed to help early career professionals launch their careers. For this reason, established professionals likely won’t find the projects as valuable as current students or more recent graduates do.

    Because most companies are using the platform intentionally to engage early career talent, established professionals are also less likely to be selected for Micro-Internships unless their profile makes it clear that they’re transitioning into a new career field.


    Projects completed through Parker Dewey are available to international students who are either affiliated with one of our partner programs, or those attending a US-based college or university. In both cased, the student must have approved Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), or other work authorization.

    If you are a current F-1/J1 international student, contact international student support staff at your institution to confirm your eligibility before applying to projects. 

    If selected for a Micro-Internship, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with internship requirements and USCIS regulations.


    Current students and alumni do not need to have DACA or TPS to apply to Micro-internships.  All Micro-internships are structured as independent contract work, which means successful applicants would be hired by Parker Dewey as independent contractors.

    Other Considerations:

    You may use your work authorization or a valid ITIN to be paid as an independent contractor.

    You may already have an ITIN if your parents ever filed income taxes and claimed you as a dependent. You can find out if you have an ITIN in your parents’ tax forms.

    If you have an ITIN, make sure to find out if it has expired. If it has, you will need to renew it. Find information on ITIN expiration and renewal here.

    If you do not have an ITIN, you can learn how to obtain one here: ITIN Guide or this video from Immigrants Rising.


    It depends on the details of the Micro-Internship and your institutions. To learn more about credit-bearing internship requirements at your institution, consult Academic Services or your Career Center.


    Individuals can add Parker Dewey to their safelist should they find messages being routed to their SPAM folder. The safelisting process differs between email providers. Refer to your email provider's associated help documentation for information on safelisting on your client of choice. Here are instructions from some of the most popular email providers:

    Safelisting in Apple Mail

    Safelisting in Exchange 365 and Outlook 2016

    Safelisting in Gmail

    Safelisting in Outlook Connected to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2010

    Safelisting in Yahoo! Mail

    Micro-Internship Details


    To apply for these Micro-Internships, you must create a Career Launcher account on Parker Dewey. Once you've set up your profile, you'll be able to view and apply for available Micro-Internship projects.

    After you've submitted an application, the company will be able to view it. At this point, they may message you with follow-up questions, or to schedule a brief interview, but many organizations will make their selection based entirely on the profile and application responses, without any further interview process. You'll be notified via email if you've received a message or been selected.

    If you'd like a review of tips for making your profile and applications stand out, check out Parker Dewey's Career Launcher Tutorial, review these strategies for acing short-answer application questions, or feel free to join Parker Dewey at one of their regularly scheduled FAQ webinars.


    While some Micro-Internships might be on-site, most are remote, allowing you to complete them from anywhere as long as you have access to a reliable wi-fi connection. 


    Your Micro-Internship supervisor will be a professional at the company that has the project need, making this a great opportunity to expand your professional network! Once you've done a Micro-Internship, we encourage you to use these tips to make sure your Micro-Internship supervisor continues to be an active part of your network.


    Parker Dewey is the employer of record for all Micro-Internships, meaning your pay will be processed by Parker Dewey. Pay is processed at the end of each month, so you should receive your pay at the start of the next month after your Micro-Internship has been marked complete. For more information, check out our Pay FAQs.

    Because pay comes from Parker Dewey, no companies should ever request your social security number (SSN), individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), address, or any other details necessary to pay you for your Micro-Internship. If someone other than Parker Dewey asks you for these details, do not share them, and contact Parker Dewey support immediately


    Congratulations! When you were selected, you should have received a kick-off email with details regarding next steps and resources, like our Micro-Internship Success Checklist

    If you see in the platform that you've been selected, but you did not receive the kick-off email, please reach out to Parker Dewey support immediately to make sure your Micro-Internship is still available. Please also safelist future Parker Dewey emails by following the instructions below, depending on your email provider:

    Safelisting in Apple Mail

    Safelisting in Exchange 365 and Outlook 2016

    Safelisting in Gmail

    Safelisting in Outlook Connected to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2010

    Safelisting in Yahoo! Mail


    Yes! You are welcome to do as many Micro-Internships as your schedule allows. You can even take on multiple projects at the same time! That stated, if you are selected for multiple Micro-Internships but your schedule won't allow for you to do all of them, just let the Parker Dewey team know by responding to the email that notified you of your selection. It's important to think critically about your work, school, and personal commitments, and to communicate professionally as soon as you've been selected if you aren't capable of completing a project on time and to the best of your ability.


    All Parker Dewey Micro-Interns are independent contractors of Parker Dewey, which is how this experience should be reflected on your resume and in your LinkedIn profile. Use this example to guide you. Make sure you only describe the company you did the Micro-Internship for, unless you have explicitly asked for and received permission to name them in the description of your Micro-Internship.

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    I now have a better idea of what it's like working in different departments and industries, and understand what roles would be best for me when I graduate. Plus, the variety of these experiences has helped my resume stand out and show me as more than a GPA and hourly jobs.

    Noel Arellano,

    Dell Scholar from Texas A&M,

    Class of 2019

    I would definitely recommend [Parker Dewey] to anybody. Don’t be afraid to go for it. You literally gain nothing but positive experience and resume builders.

    Emma Tibbetts,

    Kansas State University,

    Class of 2022

    Working on Micro-Internships meant there were less barriers: I could jump right into a project and I got to know what their expectations were sooner instead of being filtered out by my GPA.

    Legend Fears,

    Johns Hopkins University,

    Class of 2021

    Adam Rekkbie
    After completing several projects through Parker Dewey, I have gained invaluable exposure to a variety of industries, offering me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of business and improve my various skillsets. These projects have also allowed me to enhance my professional network by building relationships with individuals from smaller companies with unique missions and operations.

    Adam Rekkbie,

    MBA student at Bentley University,

    Class of 2020

    I can't put into words how grateful I am for Parker Dewey. You really made my dreams become a reality.

    Bri Rivero,

    High Point University,

    Class of 2022

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