Improve diversity by providing equitable access

Micro-Internships help you identify and attract candidates with grit, determination, and the skills to thrive irrespective of their pedigree.
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Over 80% of Career Launchers selected on Parker Dewey come from underrepresented populations.

College students who bring invaluable skills to companies often lack clear pathways to professional careers. While over 40% of all recent college graduates are under- or unemployed, first generation and underrepresented college students are particularly impacted. 

Micro-Internships offer an effective pathway to long-term career opportunities and are a proven means for these students to gain hands-on professional experiences, connect with employers, and explore career paths.

After I graduated, I had to help my family and ended up working at a restaurant. Trying to switch industries was hard, but after doing a few Micro-Internships, I was able to use that professional experience to land an internship, which led to a full-time career. Parker Dewey changed my life!
Fabian Reynoso-Ramirez
Illinois Institute of Technology, Class of 2016
I feel so lucky that I found Parker Dewey. It allows me to add to my resume while also getting real interactions with employers. 
Shayna Brown
University of Michigan, Class of 2017
A lot of my personal growth has come through the diversity of all the projects I have been able to take on. The projects have ranged from writing lesson plans for a charter high school in California, to sales research projects, to lead generation and list compilation projects, all the way to writing a blog article. Me being an undergraduate chemical engineering student at Texas A&M University, it has been very interesting for me to see myself in so many different situations that have been well out of the scope of engineering. I have put myself outside of my comfort zone and have learned how to excel in different situations working with a diverse group of people.
Noel Arellano
Dell Scholar from Texas A&M, Class of 2019
Parker Dewey has opened up so many opportunities for me.
Che Hung (Simon) Wang
Ohio University Honors Tutorial College graduating in 2020
Micro-Internships helped me to find and secure my first job after graduation.
Suzan Batamuliza
Roosevelt University, Class of 2015




Find, Attract, and Retain Diverse Talent

workforce-diversityMicro-Internships help employers fulfill their talent needs and build entry-level pipelines from underrepresented populations.


Too often hiring managers and recruiters rely on the same networks year after year to fill entry-level roles. Whether it’s recruiting exclusively at target schools, preferences for referrals, or an unconscious bias towards hiring candidates with profiles that are “just like us,” the negative impact on diversity is the same.


Even teams with strong diversity and inclusion programs can struggle to recognize the merits of a potential team member with a background different from their own.


Micro-Internships help professionals address these challenges by providing opportunities to work with diverse talent on short-term, professional projects.


By working with Career Launchers outside of the existing talent pool, professionals will see diverse talent in action, discovering the skills a previously untapped candidate can bring to the team.


The global pandemic has had disproportionate economic effects on underrepresented talent.


When entry-level hiring practices focus just on target schools, companies compete for just 1-2% of the 11 million degree-earners in a given year. As a result, millions of Career Launchers are overlooked because of school, major, or GPA that are poor predictors of success in the workplace.


Ironically, this is happening at a time when the war for talent is heating up—12 million jobs are expected to go unfilled due to a lack of skilled labor, yet the talent is there, they are simply being screened out by technology.


Not only do Micro-Internships help companies expand their talent pool, but these auditions allow companies and Career Launchers to mutually assess fit before committing to an internship or full-time role.



As an open platform, Parker Dewey is proud to welcome students and recent graduates from U.S. based institutions nationwide, regardless of whether or not we have a formal partnership in place. More than 400 schools, professional associations, and non-profit organizations have signed on to support their student and employer networks in making meaningful, short-term connections.