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Our impact for colleges and universities goes well beyond supporting career services. When students see the application of classroom lessons on the projects, they have better academic outcomes. When alumni mentor students on these projects, they are more likely to engage with the school in other ways. When employers recognize the quality of the students and learn that their feedback is applied within the classroom, they are more likely to recruit on campus and support the school.
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Students achieve academic success with Micro-Internships
Micro-Internships enhance placement rates and help students find the right jobs. Assignments allow students to demonstrate skills and explore career paths across various fields, industries and disciplines.
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Micro-Internships bring more employers to campus
Micro-Internships help colleges build relationships with employers who may not yet recruit at their school, and deepen relationships with those that do. Since Micro-Internships are low-risk, employers are more willing to look beyond focus schools, typical majors, and GPA hurdles.
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Students make meaningful connections with alumni through Micro-Internships
Micro-Internships provide a new way to nurture ongoing relationships with alumni by helping them engage students from your school on these assignments. And even if an alumnus doesn’t have an immediate need, they can still informally mentor a student completing another Micro-Internship.
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Students bring Micro-Internship experiences back to the classroom
As students complete Micro-Internships, schools can get performance feedback to best support the Career Launchers. In addition, while working on these assignment, students will bring real work experiences back to class for meaningful discussions and support.
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Facilitate engagement across the organization

Parker Dewey allows all current students and recent graduates to work on Micro-Internships, regardless of their college or university. For those schools that want more, we’re happy to provide content and support to help get the most out of the platform and achieve their goals. And, don’t worry, there’s never any costs or obligations associated with doing so - we never want to get in the way.
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Many of our students pursue majors with names that don't sound like job titles – this helps them understand how the skills developed in philosophy, history, and other courses relate to those jobs they will have after graduation. In addition, our students seek advice on these assignments from faculty and staff members as well as alumni, driving engagement in a way that goes beyond the classroom or typical conversations.
Lori Sparger
Chief Operating Officer of Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts
I know that I am getting bright, intellectually curious, and motivated talent. I also find it personally fulfilling to give back to my school in the form of mentorship and capability-building in a live work setting. It's a rare opportunity to create "wins" for my company, the school, the students, and myself!
Keagan Russo
Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development
While we were focused on just getting some help on a project, we quickly realized that the student was incredible, and ultimately hired her as a summer intern. We saw her work ethic and skills, and got an inside track on hiring her.
Adam Hecktman
Director of Technology & Civic Innovation at Microsoft
I now have a better idea on what it's like working in different departments and industries, and understand what roles would be best for me when I graduate. Plus, the variety of these experiences has helped my resume stand out and show me as more than a GPA and hourly jobs. 
Noel Arellano
Dell Scholar from Texas A&M, Class of 2019
I feel so lucky that I found Parker Dewey. It allows me to add to my resume while also getting real interactions with clients. I have the opportunity to be treated as an actual employee rather than a student with an assignment due. It holds me responsible and accountable for my work and deadlines.
Shayna Brown
University of Michigan, Class of 2017
"From the college and university of their choice into the career and life of their choice.” Parker Dewey helps to make that dream, our social contract with the future, a reality. For so many individuals, these Micro-Internships — and the accompanying learning and mentoring that flows naturally — have served as the Keystone to professional opportunities.
Gerald Doyle
Vice Provost at Illinois Institute of Technology
I can only say great things about my experience. The CEO has been amazing giving me feedback and working with me on the project.
Arnaldo Perez
University of Central Florida, Class of 2018
After completing several projects through Parker Dewey, I have gained invaluable exposure to a variety of industries, offering me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of business and improve my various skillsets. These projects have also allowed me to enhance my professional network by building relationships with individuals from smaller companies with unique missions and operations.
Adam Rekkbie
MBA student graduating from Bentley University in 2020

More than 300 Colleges Nationwide Partner with Parker Dewey

As an open platform, Parker Dewey is proud to welcome students and recent graduates from U.S. based institutions nationwide, regardless of whether or not we have a formal partnership in place. Over 300 schools and counting have signed on to support their student and employer networks in making meaningful, short-term connections.
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