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Fill your entry-level talent pipeline

Micro-Internships help find the best talent before the competition.
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Micro-Internships help you leverage the power of the gig economy year-round to:

  • Access a larger talent pool

    I need to reach more high potential candidates without additional travel costs.
  • Attract top talent

    I need to appeal to students even though we're not a top brand.
  • Improve new hire retention

    I need to lower our reneges and improve retention for entry-level roles.
  • Complement existing programs

    I want to innovate our campus recruiting strategy.

Leverage our network of more than 400 partner schools and a total network reach of more than 11 million degree earners nationwide to audition candidates via Micro-Internships. You’ll see candidates in action and get feedback directly from hiring managers to collaboratively decide on next steps.

Access students beyond your target schools

Let’s face it: most companies just can’t compete with Google for attracting talent. But that doesn’t mean you can’t generate awareness, build interest, and offer a low-risk way for students and recent grads to “try before they buy” and see what it’s like to work for your organization. Micro-Internships offer mutual auditions so candidates and hiring teams can feel confident in their decision.

Attract high potential candidates that aren't familiar with your brand.

55.3% of college graduates will leave their first job within a year after spending time in a company that doesn’t feel like the right fit. Micro-Internships offer mutual auditions so candidates and hiring teams can feel confident in their decision, and a way for students to explore careers before making a long-term commitment.

Improve entry-level retention

Build a better pathway from college to career using Micro-Internships as a feeder into existing internship and management training programs. You’ll connect with a wider, more diverse network of candidates, attract students who may not have previously considered your industry, and identify candidates that have the skills to succeed at your organization.

Funnel talent into existing internship programs

A Better Way to Hire

We believe recruiting is more effective when it includes hands-on experiences that allow you to see beyond a resume. That's why we work with innovative employers to create Micro-Internship programs that not only align with existing campus recruiting efforts, but also help companies do more.


How it Works

We work as a strategic partner to help you enhance talent sourcing, candidate assessments, and conversion.
Identify the skills needed for employee success.
Map Your Needs
Identify entry-level projects that demonstrate core competencies.
Define Relevant Micro-Internships
Candidates and hiring managers mutually assess fit while working together.
Facilitate Connections
Collect meaningful insights on Micro-Intern performance and qualifications.
Funnel Qualified Candidates
Hire high potential talent by seeing college students in action on real projects completed for your team.

"While we were focused on just getting some help on a project, we quickly realized that the student was incredible, and ultimately hired her as a summer intern. We saw her work ethic and skills, and got an inside track on hiring her."

Adam Hecktman, Director of Technology & Civic Innovation, Microsoft

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