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5 Reasons Experiential Recruiting is the Wave of the Future

Learn how Experiential Recruiting tactics can complement your existing campus recruiting efforts from top publications.

Proactively evaluate career readiness based on the core skills needed for entry-level roles.
Get ongoing feedback from hiring managers on college student’s skills before advancing candidates through the hiring funnel.
Connect candidates with hiring managers and teams to mutually assess fit in a risk-free way. As a result, you'll enhance your pipeline of candidates who are familiar with your organization.
Maximize your existing campus investments by connecting with students across the country through real experiences with your team.

The college-to-career transition is broken.

When you’re searching for top talent, retention and fit should be top of mind. Leading companies not only seek to identify high potential candidates, they also need to find entry-level employees that are willing to learn, grow, and build a career.


Yet, despite on-campus information sessions, AI powered personality assessments, and trendy perks, only 45.6% of interns will convert to a full time hire, and less than half of first year hires stay. 


Discover how Parker Dewey's Micro-Internships for Hiring program complements existing internship and campus recruiting programs by providing opportunities to engage prospective candidates year-round, even while they are still earning their degree.




How it Works

We’ll help you identify the top skills needed to thrive at your company, and provide the resources to help you use Micro-Internships at your organization.
Identify entry-level hiring needs

Identify Goals

Parker Dewey Micro-Internships for Hiring programs designed to fit your goals

Design Program

Integrate Micro-Internships into your existing campus recruiting strategy

Implementation & Support

Utilize data on Career Launchers to drive hiring outcomes

Utilize Data & Insights

Need Help Now?

While integrating experiential recruiting into your hiring strategy with our Micro-Internships for Hiring program helps employers and candidates mutually assess fit and leads to better hiring outcomes, individual managers can use one-off projects as an effective and low-cost way to get work done. Create an account or contact us for help with project scoping to get help from our network of highly motivated college students and recent grads right now! 

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