Student Success: A New Way to Network

    D'Ziyah Mitchell is no stranger to a busy schedule. A Political Science Major at Howard University, not only does D'Ziyah maintain rigorous academic standards as part of the Honors Program, but she has also served as an ambassador to the Jordan Porco Foundation and has engaged in multiple internships. That's why, when it came to further career exploration and networking, D'Ziyah know she needed something efficient, yet flexible.

    How Micro-Internships differ
    When asked how Micro-Internships differed from the many internships and fellowships D'Ziyah had done in the past, her initial response was "time." She then expanded, saying "Micro-Internships gave me a sneak peek into the industry through big research projects."

    D'Ziyah emphasized that while the experiences were shorter, it didn't make them less impactful. She got to learn about the project goals on her own schedule from documents, informational presentations, and from her supervisors. "I got to ask as many questions as I wanted."

    "I'm not 100% sure about what I want to do career wise so I decided to use this platform to advance my skills and get experience in industries that I'm interested in but not familiar with."

    Building a network
    While hands-on experience and new research skills were certainly benefits of D'Ziyah's Micro-Internships, the greatest advantage were the new additions to her network.

    "I got the most benefit from the connections that my managers made with me...I got amazing advice and connections with other professionals that they knew could help me with my career goals."

    D'Ziyah also gained advice for making and maintaining new connections outside of these experiences.

    "They taught me to never be afraid to ask questions and to connect with people outside of work as that is how you really advance in your career."

    As a result of her Micro-Internships and the advice she received, D'Ziyah is committed to being open-minded to new and unexpected opportunities, and nurturing the new connections she's made.

    "I am now in touch with lawyers at one of the top law firms in America due to my Parker Dewey connections."

    Advice for others
    When asked for words of wisdom to share with other Career Launchers, D'Ziyah responded, "My advice for students and grads considering Micro-Internships is to do it and keep applying. No's are not rejections but redirections."

    D'Ziyah also had advice for Career Launchers who have recently landed a Micro-Internship, encouraging them to ask questions and not to hesitate to ask for help if they need it, as managers love to see initiative and passion.

    "Stay in touch with them and do your best to learn and grow during your Micro-Internship."

    For employers considering Micro-Internships, D'Ziyah had this to say:

    "There are so many young people who dream of being in the industry that you're in that just need one change to grow. Give them a chance and you'll be amazed at what they can do."

    We agree!