Four Quick Professional Development Opportunities for College Students

    Remember that time Facebook and Instagram took a day off? What did you do? Were you productive or stressed? Consider these four tips the next time your scrolling is interrupted.

    1. Lean on LinkedIn: Switch to LinkedIn for the day and make sure that you are frequently updating your profile. Staying up to date by adding any relevant experience is crucial to staying top of mind with your network and making new connections. Be sure to include any or all of your Micro-Internships that you have completed. Also, make sure to join Parker Dewey’s LinkedIn group for Career Launchers, if you are not already connected. These are just a few pointers to make sure you are staying connected and relevant in the professional space on LinkedIn.
    2. Add Parker Dewey to your routine: Remember to check in often so that you can see new projects that are posted to our platform. Unlike regular job boards, Micro-Internships sometimes only stay on Parker Dewey for a few days, so if you aren't checking regularly, you're missing out. The earlier you apply to newly-available projects, the more opportunity you have to make sure you have all the necessary tools and skills needed. (And if  you don’t have the skills in your tool box yet, you can find resources on LinkedIn to obtain some of the desired skills). By checking Parker Dewey regularly, daily if you’re searching for a specific project, you’ll not only be an early applicant but also have all the tools you will need in your belt to be hired for the Micro-Internship. 
    3. Use one of Parker Dewey’s email templates: Want to reach out to a prospective employer or learn about a potential opportunity? Start with our template as your foundation, then adjust as needed. We suggest sending emails to professionals to inquire about opportunities when you don’t see one you relate to on our website. Check out our template to use to introduce yourself and ask for Micro-Internship opportunities. 
    4. Apply to Micro-Internships on Parker Dewey: Once you've gotten your free Parker Dewey profile set up, you're ready to start applying! New projects are posted often, so be sure to check back if you don't find the right fit. For more tips on completing your profile, check out these resources