Companies and Universities Must Adapt Their Strategies in 2021

    January is typically a time for planning, but one thing we learned after 2020 is that we need to build much more flexibility into our plans so that we’re ready to adapt our strategy and our budget to changing business and market conditions. 

    In addition to some of our 2020 reflections, I am looking forward to our quarterly State of Campus Recruiting call tomorrow, which features Trevor Sherman, Sr. Recruiter, University Programs & Corporate Functions at Staples, and Elery Rojas, Assistant Director of Internships for Employer Engagement at Florida International University. During this conversation they will discuss some of the adaptations they saw take place last year, the impact on fall recruiting, and best practices they see carrying forward this spring. I hope you can join us as you start 2021 strong.

    Jeffrey Moss, Founder and CEO


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    From D&I Events to Black Instagram Squares: The Good and the Bad of Recruiting’s Response to Inequality - ERE

    “Some companies began to take real action, like implementing new policies and putting a plan in place for long-term change. On the flip side, many did not — though they did manage to post black squares on Instagram or put out statements about gender pay gaps followed by minimal-to-no action.”

    As corporate America grappled with systemic racism and sexism, some companies committed themselves to make positive and measurable changes to their practices, while other companies did nothing. This article analyzes the effectiveness of companies’ efforts to address diversity recruitment. 

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    Black Lives Still Matter: Opportunities to Address Racial Inequity - Medium

    “As 2021 begins, it’s difficult not to acknowledge the precarious state of American society: the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip our country, high unemployment signals underlying challenges to the economy, and our nation remains bitterly divided following a closely contested presidential election. Amidst this backdrop, we continue to grapple with many cultural issues reignited last year, most notably racial equality.”

    Touchdown Ventures is working toward achieving racial equality within their portfolio companies, outlining four approaches that are helping them reach their goals, including Micro-Internships, which “facilitate a pipeline of underrepresented intern candidates.” As they follow through with these approaches, they hope that other companies will follow suit. 

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    Six Things We Hope To See From US Higher Education In 2021 - Forbes

    “Academic Year 2020-21 will go down as one of the most operationally challenging, one of the most anxiety-creating, and one of the most expensive in the history of US higher education.”

    In 2020, colleges and universities were forced to swiftly respond to budgeting and operational challenges caused by the pandemic. Though the process of making these changes was very different from anything universities have faced in the past, many schools stepped up to the challenge successfully. However, the effects of COVID-19 are far from over, and educational institutions will need to take meaningful steps to maintain success in 2021, including creating ways for students to engage in the community. 

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