Hire Learnings August 18, 2020

    Last week we released our 2020 Fall Recruiting Student Sentiment Survey Report, which revealed how students returning to campus (whether literally or virtually) this fall want to engage with employers. The biggest surprise to most recruiters? Virtual career fairs are valued by just 51% of students given the disruption of the ongoing pandemic. Instead students are hungry for work experience to help them explore careers and try-on companies to find the best fit.
    So what's holding employers back from offering more of these experiences? We'll dig into this and more later today during our survey results webinar
    Beyond finalizing tactics for this upcoming recruiting season, more companies are taking strategic steps in aligning recruiting with DEI initiatives. Two articles highlighted this week show how companies can be more thoughtful in their talent acquisition strategies to create equitable access and drive inclusiveness for diverse talent.
    Finally, I hope you've been enjoying our new Hire Learnings format. I'd love to hear from you on what you'd like to see more or less of as we continue to highlight not only what's broken right now in the college-to-career transition, but real ways to overcome these issues.
    Jeffrey, CEO and Founder

    What we’re reading this week:


    Emerging Trends Could Threaten Equitable Outcomes For Marginalized Students - NACE

    “People, especially those from marginalized groups, may assume that the world is not set up in a way for them to succeed or for them to be welcomed. When we implement trends that take away face time with candidates, we also remove the ability to create trust throughout the interview and onboarding processes.”

    Trends that emerge in recruiting and HR can potentially threaten diversity efforts. In this article, Matthew Cowley discusses further and how to make sure that companies and organizations don’t stifle the very opportunities they are trying to create by simply catching onto trends.  


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    10 Things Recruiters Used to Believe — But Don't Anymore - LinkedIn

    Recruiting professionals were asked, “What’s something you believed to be true 10 years ago about recruiting that you don’t believe to be true now?” This article highlights some of their answers to address the biggest myths and misconceptions in the field.


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    Understanding organizational barriers to a more inclusive workplace - McKinsey

    “Thirty-nine percent of all respondents say they have turned down or decided not to pursue a job because of a perceived lack of inclusion at an organization.”

    A survey from McKinsey finds that many employees do not experience an inclusive workplace and want their organizations to do more to encourage diversity and inclusion. This article addresses four areas that companies can address to do so, including professional advancement opportunities and meaningful interaction with senior leaders.  

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