5 Takeaways from College Students on Campus Recruiting

    In the 2023-2024 Students Sentiments on Campus Recruiting Report, college students and recent grads shared what was most useful as they worked to  secure jobs and internships. The survey highlights that students are seeking real, professional, paid work experiences to help them explore careers, and that many of them are thinking about their careers earlier in their college journeys and want earlier engagement from employers

    With the recent findings as a backdrop, during our recent State of Campus Recruiting session, the panel discussed the most effective methods for employers to engage with students,

    The top five takeaways included:

    1. Companies who aren’t engaging first- and second-year students (effectively) are missing out on top candidates, especially first-generation students. 
    2. Early engagement also goes hand-in-hand with fairly compensating students for their efforts. 

    3. What college students need most right now is more opportunities to build their resume.

    4. The top obstacle in securing a job after graduation is lack of professional network—and career fairs aren’t necessarily helping. 

    5. 81% of students are seeking Micro-Internships to gain experience, learn about employers, and build professional networks.

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