Three Recruiting Shifts You Should Make to Be Ahead of the Curve

    “Recruitment is not unscathed. Going forward, recruitment functions are going to look and feel very different, thanks to the changes we’re seeing in company strategy and candidate mindset. Those organizations that don’t invest in understanding and meeting the needs of today’s candidates will find themselves behind the hiring curve.”

    The traditional ways of recruiting are no longer valid, suggesting that the talent acquisition role needs to evolve into something that fulfills a more advisory capacity. recommends making three important shifts to accommodate the needs of employers and candidates: 

    1. Recruiters need to become talent advisors
    2. Talent acquisition must become an essential function
    3. Talent technology must be optimized 

    For campus recruiters, creating meaningful experiences for college students to explore careers and “try-on” roles will provide the insights needed to become a talent advisor.

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