Starting Your Micro-Internship Off On the Right Foot

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    Let's talk best practices for starting your Micro-Internship off on the right foot. Whether your Micro-Internship is your first or fifth professional experience, these tips are here to help you make a great first impression and set yourself up for success. 

    You're notified that you've been selected for a Micro-Internship: 
    • Reach out to the manager or company contact you'll be working with as soon as possible: A prompt follow-up email shows your soon-to-be manager that you're proactive and enthusiastic about your upcoming project. For employers, it's always a plus when the Micro-Intern makes the extra effort right from the get-go.
    • Use your follow-up email as an opportunity to: Reintroduce yourself, express your excitement about getting going on the project, and ask whether there's any other information you can provide. 

    You're kicking off the project on Zoom with your new manager:

    • Be prompt or early to the call: 2 PM does not mean 2:05 PM! Joining the video call on time or slightly ahead of your scheduled meeting tells your new manager that you're on the ball and respectful of other people's schedules.
    • Come prepared to take notes: Make sure you're ready to write down any important project details or outstanding questions. 
    • Err on the side of professional: No pajama shirts or athletic tees here! Even when your kickoff is digital, it's a great practice to dress as you would on your first day in a new office. (The good news: Sweatpants and slippers are out of the camera and still fair game!) You can also up your Zoom game with an office background for the full professional effect. 
    Remember: You never know where your Micro-Internship will take you! Whether you use this opportunity to sharpen your skill set or create a relationship with a company, starting off strong will always serve you well. 

    We're rooting for you as you begin your next chapter! Remember: Micro-Internships are still available to you post-graduation. Head over to our website to see available opportunities! 
    We're also excited to share the DeBruce Foundation's 2021 Graduation Toolkit: a free online experience to help you develop agility and expand your career pathways! Check out the toolkit here. 

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