Filling out your Career Launcher Profile: Part Two

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    Our advice for having the most successful Parker Dewey profile is this: Fill out the new location fields!
    We have recently added options on your profile for a city, state, and zip code for both your "hometown" and your "current location."
    Here’s why including this information could be critical in helping you to obtain a Micro-Internship on Parker Dewey:
    • We know college students are mobile and are often open to opportunities both near and far (especially with COVID-19)
    • By providing this data, we'll let you know if one of our regional partners like the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce or Roanoke Region have opportunities
    • We'll also be able to alert you to on-site opportunities as they arise in your area.
    Like all of the details you provide in your profile, this information will never be used to filter you out of an opportunity, it only serves to make it easier to help you connect with employers!

    Click here to get step-by-step help in setting up your profile, or use the button below to sign-in and start updating your profile now!
    P.S. Your campus career center is always happy to help do a profile and resume review to help you stand out in your applications!

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    Monthly Spotlight

    Meet Maja McCabe, a 2020 International Relations and French Graduate of Connecticut College, completed two Micro-Internships which helped her gain the skills necessary to land a full-time position:  See Maja's full story here!Maja

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