What is a Micro-Internship?

Internships are great, but traditional programs are limited by the number of opportunities they can offer and the talent they can attract. Micro-Internships are scalable, easy to implement, and create a pathway into your existing programs. 


From on-demand project support to industry-leading diversity recruitment initiatives, Micro-Internships help your team identify, engage, and assess college students and recent grads nationwide.

Micro-Internships are on-demand and remote, opening access to college students and grads nationwide.

Short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns.

Micro-Internships are easy to implement and don't require HR oversight -- Parker Dewey handles all of the logistics and paperwork.

Take place year-round, require 10 to 40 hours of work by the student, and cost $400 on average (90% goes directly to the student).

Micro-Internships are a cost-effective way to build your employer brand across college campuses nationwide.

Provides an effective way to audition talent before you make the hiring decision (and without any temp-to-perm fees).

Micro-Internship programs are easy to scale to support your campus recruiting efforts.

Used by companies of all sizes, in all industries, and across all departments including sales, marketing, technology, HR, and finance.

Micro-Internships for Hiring help you...

  • Build your employer brand

    I struggle to show college graduates what we offer as an employer.
  • Get early access to candidates

    I want to find talent before they meet with the competition.
  • Support DEI initiatives

    I want to ensure that all candidates have pathways to professional careers with us.
  • Assess skills linked to success

    I know GPA, major, and school aren't predictors of success.

A scalable way to offer hands-on experiences.

We help you access more than 11 million college students from across the U.S. year-round and on-demand.

Highly motivated college students and recent graduates are eager to learn more about your employment opportunities.

Build relationships with high potential candidates throughout their college experience.

We help you identify talent based on skills, get candidates in front of hiring managers immediately, and build relationships with students.

College students seeking professional career opportunities utilize Micro-Internships to gain experience and build their network.

Build relationships with underrepresented students nationwide.

We help you identify candidates with grit, determination, and the skills to thrive irrespective of pedigree.

Micro-Internships create pathways to meaningful careers for traditionally underserved talent.

Proactively evaluate career readiness based on the core skills needed for entry-level roles.

We enable employers and candidates to mutually assess fit and make hiring decisions based on skills demonstrated on-the-job versus non-predictive factors.

College students have the skills to succeed, but need the opportunity to prove it.

How it Works

We work as a strategic partner to help you build a better entry-level talent pipeline.
Companies use Parker Dewey year-round.
M. Holland needed entry-level project support outside of the summer months.
College students complete Micro-Internships on-demand.
Suzan was able to complete the project while keeping her part-time job, and learned more about the culture at M. Holland instead of missing out due to her other obligations.
Micro-Internships connect companies with high potential candidates from colleges across the U.S.
Because of Parker Dewey's expansive network, M. Holland's projects were visible to students beyond universities they recruit at.
Micro-Internships are cost-effective job auditions.
M. Holland saw first-hand that Suzan has the skills to thrive and hired her without additional fees.
Companies are using Micro-Internships to connect, assess, and hire top talent.

“I know that I am getting bright, intellectually curious, and motivated talent. I also find it personally fulfilling to give back to my school in the form of mentorship and capability-building in a live work setting. It's a rare opportunity to create "wins" for my company, the school, the students, and myself!”

Keagan Russo, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Brightwell Payments

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