Filling out your Career Launcher Profile: Part One

    Each month, we feature tips for success in landing Parker Dewey Micro-Internships, opportunities to get involved with our larger community of companies and organizations, and success stories that highlight the benefits of Micro-Internships. This newsletter was originally published in January 2021. To receive future Hire Learnings for Career Launcher newsletters, click here!

    To kick us off, here’s the number one, super important, biggest thing you can do today to help increase your chance of being hired for Micro-Internships: UPDATE YOUR PROFILE!
    Here are three common mistakes that students make when creating their profile:
    1. NO PROFILE PICTURE - It’s hard for employers to know who they are hiring when you don’t have a profile picture.
    2. LACK OF RELEVANT INFORMATION - You may or may not have professional experience today, but including your hobbies, relevant courses, skills, volunteering and any organizations you’re affiliated with will help tell employers who you are. That said, if you don’t have the necessary skills for a Micro-Internship that is posted today, check back regularly to see new projects that are a better fit. Only apply to Micro-Internships that you feel you’re skilled enough to do and can complete on time.
    3. SKIPPING THE DEMOGRAPHICS SECTION - Though this section is optional and your responses are not visible to companies, Parker Dewey works directly with many organizations dedicated to supporting students from diverse backgrounds. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it is for Parker Dewey to share opportunities that fit your background.
    Remember:  Unlike full-time internships and part-time jobs, employers make a decision to hire you for a Micro-Internship primarily by reading your short-answer responses and your profile. Be sure you’re providing them with everything they should know!

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    P.S. Your campus career center is always happy to help do a profile and resume review to help you stand out in your applications!

    Monthly Spotlight

    Each month, we’ll spotlight a student who is a current, or former, Career Launcher or an employer who has worked with Career Launchers on their experiences launching Micro-Internships and what they are looking for in a candidate.
    This spotlight features Noel Arellano, an Engineering Graduate of Texas A&M University who landed a full-time position after completing several Micro-Internships.


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