Your Interview Questions Are Stupid

    Have you ever wondered why recruiters sometimes ask questions that make you scratch your head in disbelief? A recent Reddit post sheds light on this matter, spotlighting the often baffling world of recruitment.

    The Candidate's Dilemma

    In a hilariously candid Reddit post, a user recounted their experience with what they dubbed "stupid questions" from recruiters. These questions range from the mundane "Why do you want to work here?" to the bizarre "If you could be any kitchen tool, what would you be and why?" While these queries might seem like random time-fillers, there's sometimes a method to the madness.


    Turns out, there's more to these questions than just making you squirm in your seat!

    The Reddit community shared their experiences and what they believe to be the reason for these questions, and some savvy insights emerged about why these questions are asked in the first place. User saltywater72 shared their disdain for these types of questions but also shared their experience as a hiring manager and the baffling responses they'd get. 


    User iwearmywatch recalled a past interview experience in which they were asked an odd question but later learned its meaning and how it connected to the open role. 



    Some of the "stupid questions" in the Reddit post serve a purpose beyond mere amusement. They are designed to gauge a candidate's creativity, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit. Recruiters aren't just looking for the correct answers but for thoughtful, spontaneous, and genuine responses that reveal a candidate's true personality and potential.


    Making the Most of the Madness

    For recruiters, this means crafting questions that genuinely tap into a candidate's problem-solving and creative abilities. Instead of sticking to the usual script, consider questions that reflect your company's values and culture. This approach makes the interview process more engaging and helps identify candidates who can think outside the box. 


    A Better Way to Interview Talent

    Turn questions into action! Give candidates a chance to show what they can do with real projects. Micro-Internships allow recruiters to see firsthand how potential hires think, work, and innovate, clearly showing their capabilities and fit for the company. These short-term, project-based assignments offer a smart solution for evaluating a candidate's real-world skills and creativity without relying on abstract questions.

    By giving candidates tangible projects, employers can observe how they handle tasks, solve problems, and collaborate. For more insights, check out our Guide to Gen Z Recruiting to learn about their values and aspirations.

    Contact us today to learn how Micro-Internships can help you identify top talent and make your hiring process more effective and engaging.