Maximizing Year-End Excess Budget: Micro-Internship Programs for Immediate Impact

    Got excess recruiting or HR budget? It’s not too late to commit unused funds to launching a Micro-Internship program—a strategic approach to not only adopt skills-based hiring practices, but also accomplish meaningful projects, connect with high-potential talent, and give back to college students. 

    If launching your own program before the end of the year sounds daunting (we promise it’s actually really easy), we’re excited to share an opportunity to try Micro-Internships for yourself! In this article, we’re highlighting some of the funded Micro-Internship programs available right now. These initiatives provide a cost-free, low-lift opportunity to run one or multiple projects.

    While there are currently various funded programs available, these three standout programs are designed to help you get essential work done and connect with early-in-career tech talent.

    Salesforce Experience Builder Micro-Internships

    Need extra hands on Salesforce projects? The Salesforce Experience Builder Micro-Internship program provides opportunities to engage job seekers on short-term, paid, professional projects. These highly-motivated individuals are ready to exceed your expectations and put their Salesforce skills to work for your organization—all at no cost to you. Plus, if you find the perfect fit, hiring the job seeker incurs no additional cost. Choose a project, post it to our Job Seeker Community, and select one or more learners to complete it.

    IBM SkillsBuild Micro-Internships

    Optimize your year-end excess budget with IBM's SkillsBuild Micro-Internship program. Connect with highly-motivated learners for short-term, paid, professional projects, capitalizing on their SkillsBuild training. This program comes at no cost to your organization, and if you decide to bring the learner onboard permanently, there are zero additional charges. Choose a project, post it to our Learner Community, and get work done.

    HubSpot Micro-Internship Program

    In partnership with Parker Dewey, the HubSpot Micro-Internship Program connects HubSpot Customers and Solutions Partners with students to tackle short-term projects solving real business challenges. These projects not only support students' career exploration but also provide your teams with the opportunity to increase productivity and student engagement. For a limited time, HubSpot covers the full cost of your first Micro-Intern project (up to $350) for new customers and partners. Additionally, we offer a credit for your second project. The more Micro-Interns you hire, the more HubSpot works with you to create the best matches—a great use of your end-of-year budget, if you ask us!

    Maximize your year-end excess budget, make strategic investments for immediate impact, and discover the untapped potential of Micro-Internships. If you have questions or need guidance along the way, our team is here to help.