Forbes: Do Student Freelancers Make Better Employees? Microsoft Thinks So

HR leaders are under massive pressure to fill open roles, enhance diversity, and retain talent. Unfortunately, with unemployment near record lows the challenges of doing so are intense. While companies compete for the same candidates who possess the “right” academic pedigree, major, and GPA, all professionals remain frustrated with increasing workloads.

As Jon Younger shares in his most recent Forbes piece, organizations such as Microsoft, Leo Burnett, World Economic Forum, Barilla, Dell, Girl Scouts of America, and others are using college freelancers to both get immediate support and address their hiring challenges though these auditions.

“While we were focused on just getting some help on a project, we quickly realized that the student was incredible … We saw her work ethic and skills, and got an inside track on hiring her.” Adam Heckman, Microsoft’s Director of Technology and Civic Innovation


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