The pandemic’s impact on hiring strategies point to a new, human-centered approach

    ERE’s recent survey of talent acquisition professionals shows the impact of COVID-19 in current and future hiring programs. The results point to big-picture changes that will reshape the human experience in the workplace. This means uprooting previous hiring strategies on various levels is inevitable. Rising trends suggest a mash-up of bold decision-making and people-first hiring strategies in the very near future.  

    “It is not out of the question to assume that top performers will be in twice the demand than before. The heat of battle to find and retain top talent will place a premium on speed and efficiency. But speed and efficiency alone will not win the day. Balancing the need for fast and precise hiring with the importance of the human touch will be the next great challenge in hiring.”

    Micro-Internships are one hiring strategy that bring speed, efficiency, and the human touch together. These short-term projects allow companies to engage online with diverse, highly motivated, driven candidates. The result is better-qualified candidates through a collaborative hiring process that delivers meaningful experiences to candidates and actionable insights to recruiters. 

    Read the full article, New Research Reveals How the Pandemic Is Re-Shaping Hiring on ERE. 


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