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Driving success with empathy

Posted by Parker Dewey on Dec 19, 2016 12:12:37 PM

Last week I was honored to discuss the importance of empathy with one of my favorite entrepreneurs, which is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving individual professional goals and development. As Jeremie, who most recently founded Synap, and I discussed, through empathy, employees better understand the roles of others, and appreciate how their respective responsibilities support the larger company goals.

Like those top performers in your organization who constantly exceed expectations, empathy also drives the performance of the college students and recent graduates with whom we work. Given their desire to explore companies, roles, industries, and career paths, they consistently exceed clients’ expectations as they demonstrate their skills on these short-term, professional assignments.

In fact, empathy has also allowed the team at Parker Dewey to remain 100% focused on our mission to improve college-to-career transitions, something we can only accomplish by first understanding and addressing the needs of individuals across roles at our corporate clients. It is only because they add immediate, measurable value to our corporate clients that the career launchers have the opportunity to work on these assignments. We do this by helping:

  • HR professionals build talent pipelines, enhance diversity, and improve hiring effectiveness, without the administrative burdens, costs, or constraints of alternatives
  • Sales, marketing, and other employees gain immediate support from highly motivated career launchers, without the obligations or commitments usually required
  • Business leaders evaluate talent needs and ensure cultural fit, while supporting other initiatives

With this in mind, Parker Dewey is structured so that you can define your assignment in under 5 minutes, set the price, select an interested career launcher, and don’t have any commitments or administrative burdens (he or she is not your employee, intern, or 1099). And if you want to hire the career launcher as an intern, contractor, or full-time employee, there is no cost to do so.

I would love to hear your feedback on this topic, and of course be of any help. Thank you as always for your ongoing support.

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