Students Think Your Internship is a Scam

    Unpaid internships have sparked endless debates about their fairness and value, but when they cross into scam territory, it’s time to sound the alarm. A revealing Reddit post highlights the emotional and financial toll these dubious positions can take on unsuspecting students.

    The Candidate's Dilemma

    Many early-career candidates find themselves trapped in the web of scam internships. What was once their dream internship can quickly turn into a nightmare, leaving them to question the value of their efforts. Candidates have learned to spot the warning signs in the postings for these scam internships.


    It appears early-career talent has to kiss a lot of scams before finding a worthwhile internship. At least they can add "screening out frauds" to their resume. 

    Users took to r/internships to share their experiences, and the responses ranged from cautious advice to outright warnings. Users like Various-Customer6857 dealt with an impersonator, while Ok-Gur6488 was charged a fee upfront.



    User Choco_pocky shared their frustration with an unpaid internship offer that reeked of scam. 


    The growing dissatisfaction among students over scam internships is high, and their search for the right opportunity can seem endless. 


    A Call for Change

    As the original poster suggested, it's best to report postings with red flags like these when possible! Early-career talent deserves fair treatment and respect; these scams can have negative financial and career implications for this talent pool. And unfortunately, they're often the most targeted. 


    A Better Way Forward

    Micro-Internships are all paid and provide students with the real-world experience they seek. Recruiters can access a vast early-career talent pool, and career launchers on our platform can apply for opportunities without risking being scammed! Parker Dewey helps bridge the gap between students and employers by ensuring fair compensation and valuable learning opportunities, fostering a more equitable and beneficial experience for all parties involved.

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