Micro-Internships at Governors State University with Dr. Elaine Maimon

Dr. Elaine Maimon is president of Governors State University, and discusses the potential power of Micro-Internships as a bridge for students from academia to employment on the Enrollment Growth University podcast with Eric Olsen, AVP of Marketing at Helix Education.

During this 15 minute discussion, Dr. Maimon shares how partnering with Parker Dewey has helped Governors State introduce an innovative approach to career exploration, even before students pick a major. "We want students to see the wide range of majors available and to understand if you have a mission in live, there are various ways to fulfill that," Dr. Maimon shares.

Olsen expands on the benefits of Micro-Internships, "the primary impetus for employers – why they’re excited about these kinds of paid pre-employment trials – [is that] they get to know what they’re going to be getting from a new grad who may have few professional experiences, few references."

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