The best way to get work off of your (or your team’s) plate

    Too often, companies just like yours are missing out on opportunities because teams don’t have the bandwidth to take on new projects. This is often because they’re spending too much time on the wrong work, which directly impacts a business’s ability to grow and innovate.

    And unfortunately, overworked teams have historically had limited options for solving this problem:

    • Temps - Temps and staffing agencies make sense if you need to fill a vacancy at a call center, staff an event, or provide coverage for an employee out on leave. But what if you have a project that’s both short-term in nature and requires someone with abilities beyond answering a phone or filing documents?
    • Freelancers - Freelancers, who now make up more than a third of the U.S. workforce, make a lot of sense for single-instance creative projects like a logo design or website redevelopment. But it can be hard to find freelancers who are willing to take on the projects that tend to bog your employees down like lead generation, data cleanup, and research. And if you have a recurring need, freelancers often are not available for or interested in ongoing work.
    • Powering through - 80% of workers report feeling some stress at work, so being busy is expected and normal. But encouraging your team to power through larger than usual workloads for extended periods of time can increase the likelihood of burnout. And if those tasks are viewed by team members as “beneath them,” you’re also likely to see increased attrition.

    The historical solutions aren’t necessarily the best. Enter, Parker Dewey.

    Use Parker Dewey to get work done

    Parker Dewey matches your company with motivated career launchers who are available and excited to help execute one-off projects. It can be the perfect alternative to traditional solutions for taking work off employees’ plates.

    Why choose Parker Dewey over temporary staffing firms

    Temp staffing firms aren’t always a good solution if you prefer to be selective about the talent you work with. The skills of temps may not be up to the standards that you require, and since the agencies typically do the screening, you may not be able to select the temp who you think is best. With Parker Dewey, you’re in the driver’s seat and can vet as many candidates as you want before choosing the one who is the right fit.

    Temps can also be prohibitively expensive. For a technical or niche skill, a staffing firm could charge as much as an 80% markup per hour of work. As one of our clients has said, "I hate paying $50 per hour for a $20 resource." In contrast, Parker Dewey allows you to set your own price for the project and the Career Launchers receive 90%. And the cost you set is a fixed fee, eliminating the potential that you will pay for 20 hours of work on an assignment that should have only taken 10.

    Additionally, only 27% of traditional temp positions actually result in full-time hires, and if you do decide to extend a full-time offer to a temp, placement fees from staffing firms often range from 10% to 30% of an individual’s first-year salary. Here again, Parker Dewey stands alone. We won’t charge you a single cent if you decide to hire one of our Career Launchers for a full-time position, internship, or another project because we never want to stand in the way of a connection between a company and a talented candidate. In fact, we guarantee we will never charge a fee as part of our mission.

    Why choose Parker Dewey over freelancers

    Unlike freelancers––who are more suited for one-off creative projects––lead generation, data cleanup, content creation, and research are perfect for Parker Dewey talent. You select an individual with the perfect set of skills and know they are really excited to work on your project as a way to demonstrate those skills, explore career paths, and develop their professional networks, not just pick up a paycheck. As a result, they often exceed expectations and find creative, innovative ways of addressing your need.

    Many of the best freelancers carry heavy client loads, which means their availability can be limited and their turnaround slower than what you’d experience with one of Parker Dewey’s Career Launchers. Additionally, quality of freelance projects can be very hit or miss depending on how engaged or motivated a freelancer may be.

    And as with temps, there are many roadblocks to converting successful freelancers into full-time employees should a need arise. Unlike Parker Dewey’s Career Launchers, many freelancers aren’t in the market for a full-time position, so working with them does little to build your talent pool.

    Why choose Parker Dewey over an intern

    Parker Dewey’s Micro-Interns provide immediate, on-demand support to get work done without creating any additional work for you or your team. Because you only engage with Parker Dewey talent on an as-needed basis, you never have to worry about coming up with tasks to keep them busy like what often happens with interns. Plus, since there is no multi-month commitment (the average project on Parker Dewey lasts a couple weeks and is done remotely), if the fit isn’t perfect, you’re not stuck. In fact, you only pay when the project is complete to your satisfaction.

    And through the Parker Dewey platform, you have access to Career Launchers with varying skill areas and interests to complete different projects. So, you don’t have to commit to an intern with only one interest or niche skill set, and you know the talent you select actually wants to do the project. This means better quality work and better experiences for both parties.

    That said, we are huge fans of internships and many of our clients use Parker Dewey projects as a way to identify and evaluate potential interns (we do too).

    Why choose Parker Dewey instead of encouraging your employees to “just power through it”

    Prolonged stress can also lead to absenteeism, turnover, and diminished productivity, so forcing employees to work on exceedingly large workloads is something you want to be wary of.

    Parker Dewey gives your employees the opportunity to take tasks off their to-do lists almost immediately. Simply having that option can go a long way toward combatting burnout, especially among employees who previously had no one to delegate to.

    If you’re ready to help your team get work off their plates today––or you just want to lighten your own load––you can post a project in under five minutes. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions about the Parker Dewey model. We’d love to help you and your team get more work done.

    Career Launchers through Parker Dewey can be a game-changer for your company. Ready to get work done with less and overcome the hurdles that might be holding your company back?