Impacting universities

Colleges and universities are under enormous pressure from students, faculty, alumni, employers, and even Congress. Some are even questioning the value of a post-secondary education. We don’t agree. And even though college is about so much more than just finding a job, we recognize its importance and know that we can help.

But our impact for colleges and universities goes well beyond supporting career services. When students see the application of classroom lessons on the projects, they have better academic outcomes. When alumni mentor students on these projects, they are more likely to engage with the school in other ways. When employers recognize the quality of the students and learn that their feedback is applied within the classroom, they are more likely to recruit on campus and support the school.

  • Improve student placement
  • Refine program curriculum
  • Deepen alumni relations
  • Expand relationships with existing and prospective employers
  • Enhance academic outcomes
  • Drive enrollment success