Improving hiring effectiveness with "the ultimate job audition"

Recently featured as a guest on the Strong Suit podcast hosted by recruiting expert Jeff Hyman, Parker Dewey's Founder and CEO Jeffrey Moss discusses Micro-Internships.

Jeff Hyman cites data confirming that test driving is statistically the most effective way to hire and is "far better than an interview or a reference check."

Hyman describes Parker Dewey as "The Ultimate Job Audition." Learn more about how you can assess candidates effectively and support your other initiatives in this 20 minute reveal-all interview.

How do you assess candidates in most predictive way before you hire them full time? My guest today has an innovative solution.

Jeffrey Moss is the Founder & CEO of Parker Dewey. After spending 15 years in private equity & venture capital, he took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

He created Parker Dewey to connect companies with graduating college students & recent alumni. Employers can provide short-term projects to get those “we really should” tasks done, and also to see the talent in action. It’s far better than an interview or a reference check.

Meanwhile, recent students get real-world experience. This is a win-win.

Jeffrey’s also become an expert in what Millennials want, need, and crave in an employer. In this 20-minute interview, he reveals all.

Click here for post originally seen on Strong Suit by Jeff Hyman | August 29, 2017