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    Content Creation | Total project cost: $300

    When you have content ideas but no time for the first pass, look to the research and writing skills of college students and recent graduates. This pre-defined Micro-Internship will help your team to focus on refining and repurposing content rather than searching for sources.

    The Career Launcher you select will draft a 1,200-1,400 word article that is consistent with existing content your team has published. The content will include at least two outside sources to backup claims. Just provide the topic and any requests or preferences (eg which outside sources to cite, formal versus informal style, examples you like, etc.) and the Career Launcher will handle the rest. When it’s done, you can use the article for blogging, downloadable content, social posts, and more.


    The examples above are based off of successful Micro-Internships assignments and are ideal for entry-level talent with limited industry knowledge but plenty of passion and perseverance. You can always define your own assignment—contact us for project scoping assistance.