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    Competitor Prospecting | Total project cost: $400

    Whether you're new to market or just made a round of product updates, you know there are highly qualified leads using competitive products. Get help from college students and recent grads to identify and research prospects that are current customers of your competitor and are ready to make a switch.

    The Career Launcher you select will identify and research 15 companies that use one of your competitor’s services. You'll receive a list in excel with different tabs for each company, and the Career Launcher's brief justification as to why they selected these specific companies, as well as potential objections they might have to switching providers and suggestions on how to overcome them.

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    The examples above are based off of successful Micro-Internships assignments and are ideal for entry-level talent with limited industry knowledge but plenty of passion and perseverance. You can always define your own assignment—contact us for project scoping assistance.