The Madness of Internship Applications

    Internship applications often feel like running a gauntlet, with students jumping through countless hoops to get a foot in the door. A recent Reddit post by a frustrated student perfectly captures this sentiment, shedding light on the often absurd and exasperating process of securing an internship.

    The Candidate's Dilemma

    In a candid and relatable post, a student detailed their exasperation with the never-ending cycle of internship applications. After discovering the importance of spring internships too late, they found themselves lacking the experience to secure one. Despite a sincere desire for a banking role, the industry wasn't reciprocating the love. The frustration of filling out the same information repeatedly, crafting tailored cover letters, and being met with radio silence culminates in a shared experience many students know all too well. This isn't just a mild annoyance; it's a real problem affecting the morale and mental well-being of aspiring professionals.

    Sick of the internships application process

    Internship applications feel like scaling Everest, but remember, skills can be taught—the right attitude conquers peaks!

    The Reddit community didn't hold back in rallying around the frustrated candidate. No_Arm_2221 described how they faced a similar struggle, applying and interviewing relentlessly for months before finally landing an offer. User blackbanana10 candidly admitted to feeling depressed but emphasized that they never gave up, reinforcing the idea that persistence is vital.

    Never give up

    User Alprazocaine emphasized the extensive preparation needed to succeed in the competitive banking field and offered practical support by inviting the original poster to share their resume for feedback.

    Banking is competitive

    The overwhelming response to this post underscores a significant issue: the internship application process needs a severe overhaul. Companies often forget that their convoluted and repetitive application procedures can drive away top early-career talent before they even step through the door.


    Making Internship Applications Work

    Companies can streamline their application processes, making them more efficient and respectful of applicants' time. This means eliminating redundant steps, providing clear communication, and asking relevant questions that genuinely assess a candidate's fit for the role rather than relying on GPAs, cover letters, and other inefficient traditional recruitment markers. 


    How Parker Dewey Can Help

    Parker Dewey offers a solution: Micro-Internships. Companies can engage with talented candidates quickly and effectively, ensuring both parties benefit from the experience. Students can take on real projects that showcase their skills and help them build portfolios. For employers, it's a chance to see a candidate in action before committing to a longer-term position.

    Adopting practical and efficient hiring practices is critical, whether the goal is to attract talent to the banking industry or any other field; companies can attract and retain top talent without putting them through the wringer. Micro-Internships offer an excellent solution for early career identification, allowing employers to evaluate and engage with promising early-career candidates through meaningful short-term projects.

    Contact us today to see how Micro-Internships can help your hiring process and make the internship experience rewarding for everyone involved.