The Dangers of Candidate Assessments

    The professional world is rife with tales of bizarre and often controversial recruitment practices. Still, a particular post shared on Reddit stands out for its sheer absurdity and the ethical questions it raises.

    The Candidate's Dilemma

    Despite her punctuality, a candidate describes arriving for a scheduled interview only to be told it had been canceled. The twist? The cancellation was a ruse—a test of the candidate's reaction, which she supposedly failed. This incident not only highlights a profoundly flawed interviewing tactic but also underscores a lack of respect for job seekers and their time.

    The interview was canceled

    Did passing the "test" mean channeling one's inner toddler and refusing to leave the waiting area because, like glitter at an art class, dedication sticks?

    Others quickly weighed in with their theories, which were more absurd than any corporate ice-breaker. User codykonior speculated whether the real test was to beg, showcasing commitment—or maybe some acting chops. 




    Meanwhile, derp0815 mused that if you thought astrology-based hiring was bizarre, buckle up: it turns out that the real cosmic joke is that some folks manage to land interviewer roles without a sliver of common sense, presumably because Mercury was in retrograde when HR made that decision.


    Beyond the immediate confusion and frustration, such experiences can have long-term effects on candidates' perceptions of the job market. As GazelleHistorical705 points out, such interactions can be deeply discouraging for many, such as neurodivergent candidates, those new to the job-seeking world, or those who have faced repeated rejections.


    The Ethics of 'Testing' Candidates

    Using deception as a tool to gauge a candidate's suitability is not only ethically questionable but can also damage an organization's reputation. Such tactics can lead to negative company perceptions, deterring talented individuals from applying and potentially leading to public backlash.

    Respect and transparency are cornerstone principles in recruitment; without them, both the process and the outcomes are compromised.


    How Parker Dewey Can Help

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