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How Career Launcher Payments Work

Posted by Jordan Goldberg on Dec 7, 2018 12:03:55 PM

Parker Dewey requires that all Micro-Internships are paid. Below you will find information on how payments work on our platform.

How are prices determined?

  • Parker Dewey allows companies to determine the prices of their projects, most being between $200 and $600. While all assignments are fixed fee, they typically require between 5 and 30 hours of work (in total) to complete. 
  • Payment is not dependent on time worked.
  • Parker Dewey actively monitors new projects that are posted to ensure their payments are fair.

How much will I receive?

  • The amount you see listed on the project is the amount you will receive upon the project's successful completion.
  • You should not be negotiating a price with the company.

How much does Parker Dewey make per project?

  • The amount you see is 90% of the price the company decided it would pay for the project. Parker Dewey retains the remaining 10% to cover its cost of processing the payment and preparing accounting and tax documentation.

Can I be paid hourly?

  • No. Please see our Terms of Use for additional information. 

Does the company pay me directly?

  • No. Parker Dewey will handle collecting payment from the company and releasing it to you. This both ensures that you will get paid upon completion and will receive the appropriate tax documentation.

When will I receive payment? 

  • Payments are made after Parker Dewey has received confirmation from the client that the project is complete.
  • Once you are finished working on your project, mark it as completed through your dashboard. This will formally notify the client and Parker Dewey that you are finished. 
  • Payments are processed at the end of each month, but Parker Dewey may be able to release funds early depending on the circumstances.

How can I receive payment?

  • After you are selected for a project, you will receive accounting documents that you will need to return to Parker Dewey. We will not be able to release payment if the forms are not submitted. 
  • Payments can be received either through a direct deposit or physical check.
  • Parker Dewey will only be able to process direct deposits to a U.S. bank account.

Can I be paid if I am an international student?

  • Yes, but first you should check with your school's International Students Office to confirm your eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • If you are eligible and have a U.S. bank account, we will be able to process direct deposits for you.
  • If you are eligible but do not have a U.S. bank account, we will only be able to process a physical check for you.

What if a company offers a bonus?

  • If a company offers you a bonus during the project, please notify Parker Dewey ASAP so we can properly handle the accounting for it.

What if the company offers a paid extension to the project?

  • If a company offers you a project extension,  please notify Parker Dewey ASAP so we can properly handle the accounting for it.
  • Please note that at any point following a project's completion, a company can offer to directly engage you as an employee, contractor, or intern. There are no fees or costs to you or the company if that happens (helping Career Launchers find the right job is our our mission!), however it will be up to you and the company to handle any subsequent payments, accounting, etc.

The payment on the project is different than when I applied. What should I do?

  • If you see a change in payment on a project that you already applied for, please review the project again and see if other changes were made. If you are not comfortable with the updated scope, we suggest you withdraw your application.
  • If you were selected for the project already, please notify Parker Dewey ASAP.

How do I handle taxes for income earned through projects?

  • Income earned through projects should be reported on your tax return as self-employment income. 
  • If you earned more than $600 from projects during the year, Parker Dewey will send you a 1099 to report on your tax return. You should receive the 1099 by January 31st each year. 

Feel free to reach out to support@parkerdewey.com if you have questions that were not covered.

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